The Music

Kat Wilson EP Launch – The Astor Lounge


Astor Lounge

26 July

Emilie Taylor


Local stars on the rise, Kat Wilson, went to great lengths to ensure a mighty crowd and a well-deserved celebration for the release of their EP, Sea Legs, with the help of some supportive friends. Curtis McEntee opened the evening with acoustic folk, dedicating a couple of tunes to a special someone in the crowd. The Insatiables, on the heavier side of things, could not get enough of the attention with lead vocalist, Cathii Hoare, the wild card amongst them all, spit firing remarks that made the band a must-see support act. Riley Pearce and his band introduced a whole new mood for the evening. Pearce led on acoustic, paying great attention to self-reflection, while contrasting those elements with a broadly appreciated genre of acoustic rock. Pearce requested audience participation on the title track of his own EP, We Are Fools, for the line, “we are just fools in love.” Every song could easily have been a hit, with an element of optimism that most bands don’t possess.

“These are my best mates and brothers. Pretty much the highlight of life, hanging out and playing music,” said a very joyful Katie Wilson, who effortlessly lit the room, fronting the delightful four-piece, Kat Wilson. The red headed guitarist, born for the stage, remained in her element as she gave full mention to those who shared the stage with her. The band opened with Risk, followed by For The One, featured on their four-track EP. They all showcased an array of their abilities and love of different genres. The highlight, by far, was At Arm’s Length, which the band had kept in their back pocket for just such an occasion and it was embraced most openly. It became apparent to all that the boldness & beauty of its simplicity, was a weapon that the band could use to their advantage. They closed with Oceans and it punctuated the evening perfectly. The band remained in sync, in time and in love with everyone they played to. At no point did they distant themselves, but instead made anyone welcome to approach them after the show. Dancing became an obvious response to their blues inspired songs, but especially in their final moments on stage. Between the charisma and the outstanding skills, this band is sure to win over the hearts of many wherever they go.

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