The Music

WAM Festival – Mustang Bar & Flyrite

8 Nov 2014


Mustang Bar

“It’s hard to get anything for $5 these days but you can get Childsaint,” Solid self-promotion, uttered by lead vocalist, Chloe McGrath, of all-girl four-piece, Childsaint.

They showcased moody and ambient sound waves with feminist drones. They not only wore their instruments with a demeanor of a 90s waif but played them beautifully. A Bedouin dream.


Mustang Bar

These jubilant young men were sharing an inside joke throughout their entire set and could not refrain from an on stage bromance. The rock n roll centered sound went down really well with the 60s boy band harmonies. These charmers, movers and shakers had an ongoing need to bring people closer.



Our Man in Berlin set an atmospheric mood as soon as the falsetto vocals began. The group played electronic indie-pop, which was perfect for the time of day as night began to draw in.  Lead singer held his microphone above his head and angled it downward, occasionally letting out wails between power beats and a swell sounding guitar.



This three piece took us down to an ambient feel with romantic synth and soft rock electronica. Some of the tunes sounded slightly eighties influenced, with very few vocals, yet there was a consistent covering of guitars, steady bass, with all three members swaying to the ever-tranquil feel of their performance.



These dreamers are up and comers in Perth, re-creating the 90s lo-fi, psychedelic shoegaze with ambient vocals from lead singer, Ali Flintoff. The entire band exuded energy and continued to produce outstanding songs. It became a hypnotic experience, with colourful sounds, not to mention, characters on stage. There is great potential here, a must-see spectacle and musical high.


Emilie Taylor

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