A Fine Romance.

Wrinkled noses,

gently holding

all the mangled roses;

notes unfolding.

Don’t you ever write a song

for anyone to hear?


White linen sheets,

now we’re laughing.

For the sake of defeat

I’ll let you in on

all the crazy notions,

that you’ll never need to fear.


Fleeting footsteps

on this heart of mine,

I do my very best

to keep it in time

with all the moments

that keep passing us by.


I whisper your name

beneath the covers,

love is taking its time

between two lovers;

and every breath you take

is adding embers to the flame.


Stargazing fools

with our lives to lose

in a fine romance.

Swimming in lakes

of unfailing grace;

I’d take any chance

to meet once more with you. . .


Touching my skin,

barely moving,

now you’re breathing me in

and everything

is irrelevant.

It appears I can’t stop


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