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All the ways the ladies of ‘Friends’ shaped my closet


It has been over ten years since our beloved Friends said farewell, but the clothes that Monica, Rachel & Phoebe wore on the show are still very much alive, in my closet.

I have always been influenced by style in the ’90s. If it was good enough for a thrift store, it was good enough for me. It is my belief that the ladies of Friends are the defining reason for that. Here’s why:

Slumber party attire is everything

In one episode, Phoebe wore a striped onesie and a hair scrunchy, Monica wore a matching set with sweat socks, and Rachel was rocking the flannel. Not only does it pinpoint how cute sleepovers can be but we see how awesome it is to be around your girlfriends, eating pizza and hanging tough.

The denim game was strong

I dare you to watch the first few seasons to see if you can’t find denim. It is just about my favourite part. They leave no fabric unturned. They wear vests, shirts, overalls, high-waisted jeans – they’ve got it all. Where would we be without denim? Pair it with a tiger’s eye necklace and you’ve got yourself a par-tay.


They were all over the overalls

The nineties were the golden age of overalls. And not just indoors on the couch like most of us modestly allow them to be. Overalls were just about the coolest thing, and there has never been a day where I didn’t have them in my closet, from age 5 to 15 and now at the grand age of 25, they have never fit me better.

Sundresses forever

Monica seems to have the hottest sundresses of the three. Any time she is on vacation, she is either wearing an adorable spotted black mini dress (“The One With The Jellyfish”) or a smoking hot coral piece showing off her tanned shoulders (“The One After Ross Says Rachel”). She looks flawless in a summer dress.


Flannel never fails

One thing that never seems to go out of style is fabulous flannel. Doesn’t matter what color or style, I just love throwing it into my outfit. Rachel is best known for wearing this style and it is the best kind of grunge! This girl has the upper hand when it comes to fashion, but dressed up or down she’s all kinds of chic.

Rachel Green makes sweatshirts look amazing

Okay, is it just me, or is it that every time Rachel changes into sweats, she becomes the cutest creature on the planet? Whether it’s an old Knicks sweatshirt (“The One Where No one’s Ready”) or the iconic sweater and leggings set (“The One With The Fake Monica”) which literally puts any PJs to shame. Rachel is the queen of oversized sweatshirts and adorable crop tops that she looks like she just threw on. Ugh. Love!


Phoebe’s rings are always on point

Phoebe starts off pretty bohemian early on, and in the later seasons, gets a little more sensible, but the rings never leave her fingers! I’ve always wondered how she keeps them on through everything. Her hands are killer and we love her style! Rings are back in, my friends.

The sportswear always won me over

They may not be the most athletic broads but I want to wear I giant Giants sweater and play football on Thanksgiving like Monica! Even Rachel who does more standing around (when she’s “going long”) has her hat on backwards and is wearing a super-fly green tee.

The tie dye was to die for

I’m not even sure how cool it was to go full hippie until I met Phoebe Buffay. She is always the one who either wears a bunch of long skirts, numerous necklaces or looks fierce in a tie-dye t-shirt when she goes to play basketball. She’s a little too cute and I for one can’t help but admire her bold choices and hippie look. Touché, Buffay.


The cardigans, the tie-up shirts, the hair clips, the chokers, the high waisted jeans, the waistcoats and the iconic tees (that even the boys are jealous of!) The Friends costumers knew what they were doing. These amazing chicks dazzled us for years and brought us to tears with their hilarity!

Most of all, they let us see, through a slightly fictional key hole, that living in the city with eccentrically cool friends can be just about the best thing in the world.


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