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Lucky Them – Film Review

//// Writer: Huck Botko, Caroline Sherman, Emily Wachtel
//// Director: Megan Griffiths
//// Cast: Toni Collette, Thomas Haden Church, Nina Arianda

Lucky Them
Mar 6th 2015 | Emilie Taylor
An indie romance for the musically inclined, set against the bleak Seattle landscape, Lucky Them follows a cynical music critic on her search for the underground singer Matthew Smith, who also happens to be a former flame.

Toni Collette plays emotionally unavailable Ellie Klug, who continues to fall for the musicians she writes about. The story rekindles an unlikely friendship between her and a socially awkward millionaire Charlie (Thomas Haden Church), an amateur documentary filmmaker, as they look for the elusive artist, who has been missing for a decade. Heartache and romance have certainly been covered, but Collette and Church capture two characters on a precarious adventure that is likely to lead them nowhere.

This film is not underwhelming, although certain characters are underdeveloped. It is, however, very relatable as you follow Ellie, pursuing Matthew and revisiting her past in order to move forward. If nothing else, Lucky Them should be watched by fans of Little Miss Sunshine or Almost Famous.

There is growth and discovery, but perhaps in ways you wouldn’t expect. Oliver Platt (Chef) plays a hilarious supporting role of Stax’s Editor, Giles. This film is punctuated with comic relief. Collette may not be convincing as jaded journalist Ellie, but her character represents that of an insecure woman with plenty to lose, recovering a past that will define her pursuit.

In cinemas 5 Mar

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