The Music

Mt Mountain, Dream Rimmy, Space Mananantics, Hyla – The Odd Fellow

Fremantle did the right thing in hosting some gems at their much-loved venue, The Odd Fellow, with a line-up of up-and-coming psychedelic dream pop acts. Hyla were first to appear, creating a heavy atmosphere for the psychedelic acts that would follow.

Each member was equally dedicated to their individual parts. Singer, Alex Board, had effects on the microphone to make his voice eerie and distilled. “This is as punk as we get,” Board scoffed and bassist Rob Stephens led the next slightly left-field song. The band played grunge-heavy shoegaze with trippy licks.

With a clang and a clatter came Spacemanantics. The baby-faced band were The Black Angels reborn. The boys were all about the instrumental game of changing pace and only really adding vocals for emphasis. People appeared to be digging the gradual speed increase, starting with drums, and there were an ongoing four notes coming from the bassist. After negotiating the sound, the cheeky bastards even managed to squeeze an extra song in the set.

Twenty minutes of technical difficulties from the keys awkwardly opened the set for Dream Rimmy, which was really unfortunate, though most members seemed unfazed and willing to start at any moment. Their opener was a real win with its euphoric ‘70s summer vibe. The second (most recent song) was epic on feedback, with lead vocalist Ali Flintoff using an e-bow on her guitar and keyboard player to hold down a high-pitched note. Whatever they were going for didn’t quite translate though. The third song, Sunshine, opened with Flintoff’s guitar – a really clean sound – which the band followed beautifully. They’re consistently tight, which means if someone’s out, everyone goes down with them. An always steady beat from drummer, George Foster, whose vocals were so complementary to Flintoff’s, gave each song a great ‘90s dream pop feel. The six members in this particular group succeeded in crowding the tiny corner stage in this particular basement bar. Mt Mountain continued to hypnotise and amaze the audience that came post-Rimmy. Their instrumentals alone gave much opportunity for stargazing and psychedelic moments. They were consistently on-note and not one beat went unmissed. By the fourth song, it was full-on blasting through the speakers, yet incredibly peaceful and serene in its chaos. Playing the greats from their self-titled EP, the band were blazing in a sweaty room with a crowd of many who left satisfied.

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