Perth Coffee Project

Coffee Flight Taking Off In Perth

By Emilie Taylor

15 Oct 2014

Specialty coffee shops in Perth are turning a corner. Not only do we have the option to drink a unique blend of coffee, we can now get our jolt in three different forms from one single origin.

The ‘coffee flight’ offers a tasting of espresso, espresso through milk, and filter coffee. For those of you with a fear of heights, I can assure that there is no travelling involved; the coffee flight offers a new way of experiencing coffee.

My taste buds were first tingled at Addison & Steele Speciality Coffee, located in North Perth. Addison & Steele offer samplings of beans from Ethiopia, Columbia and Costa Rica in espresso, flat white, and cold drip.


I tried the Ethiopia Hunkute, featuring jasmine tea, juicy peach and notes of lemon curd. The espresso was so smooth, and didn’t linger with the bitter taste of over-extracted coffee. The drip tasted almost like tea, because of the fruity elements, but was rich and refreshing. One would think that adding milk to something like this would blend two flavours that wouldn’t ordinarily get along, but there was a complimentary contrast that made it delectable and sweet.

Also joining the flight venture is Subiaco-based Architects & Heroes, using Code Black Coffee from Melbourne. Their format was a little different, featuring three types of flight: espresso in three forms, drip in three forms, and the triple threat (espresso, flat white, filter).


I ordered the Ethiopian triple threat. The Besa Woreda espresso had delicate floral notes and flavours of blueberry, ripe orange, and jasmine tea. As a flat white it was slightly overwhelming but still complimentary of the jasmine, with forest fruits to finish. The Galena Abaya drip featured honeysuckle and vanilla with wine-like undertones.

It was fascinating to experiment with coffee flights to figure out exactly what flavours came through espresso, milk coffees, and filter. The intensity and diversity of different coffees showcased quality above all else.

At this point only Addison and Architects offer a comprehensive tasting flight, but I expect more coffee shops with single origin coffees to provide them in the near future. These establishments have made a running start on a trend that is about to lift off from the ground.

Emilie is a barista, avid coffee lover & a junk food connoisseur. Dave Grohl frequently appears in her dreams.

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