The Music

Indigo – The Bird



The Bird

05 June

Emilie Taylor


It was an amazing turn out for what turned out to be an amazing line up of blooming singer-songwriters. Hats off to the musical parents of these love children who brought a surplus of warmth to The Bird on Thursday night. Curtis McEntee started off the evening as a stand-alone acoustic act, with sweet vocals and a great vibrancy in his guitar sound. Shortly following him were pop rock new comers, Little Skye, who with the exception of some minor technical issues, played exceptionally well as a five-piece; they culminated post-rock influences with just a dash of rockabilly to keep the crowd in a frenzy of what might come next. Lead singer, Ashby showcased some gorgeous jazz vocals, which offset this flawlessly tight ensemble with pizzazz. With her white t-shirt and polka dot skirt, there was no contest in cuteness, whether she was charming the crowd or coaxing them into buying five-dollar beer. The group closed with a cappella vocals and collectively paid homage to the bands that joined them that evening.
When Kat Wilson took the stage, it didn’t seem right for them to give it back. They opened with a killer rock number, Keep Your Head Down, staying true to the name as they passionately all played their respective instruments. Lead singer, Katie, led and encouraged each member, while playing her acoustic guitar as an extension of herself. They had a strong band chemistry, which was illustrated as the three boys, Dan, Tama and Ben played a ‘musical interlude’ as Katie changed guitars. Every single member not only mastered the skill of playing their instruments with no noticeable flaws, but they all played with a sheer confidence that made them a captivating act. Katie had musical skill down to every pound on the guitar and stamp of her feet. And with that, the room began to crowd.

There was a pounding of drums, the venue was booming with what appeared to be the sounds of headliners, Indigo, tearing up the stage in a triumphant wave of frequency. Their first song, Ain’t it Funny, also the opening track of their self-titled EP, brought everyone to the front, in a dancing mosh. Their Flock of Seagulls Ran So Far Away cover was a bold move but blended nicely, and they just about got away with it. They were passionate and light hearted in banter and movement; keeping the expectation high for great quality in an evening. The small difficulties that they had, which mainly involved loss of guitar straps from too much movement, did not stop them from playing hard throughout the set. Vocalist Chris, gave strong raspy vocals throughout, and debuted his skill on harmonica during Come Back Home; but eyes could not be taken away from the strong dance moves coming from bassist, David. These boys brought a great deal of passion to the stage, illustrating the hard work put into the composition of their songs to both entertain and provoke thought. Their final song, Keyholes led to powerful breakdowns from the band that continued to be well received. Down on his knees, Chris gave an acoustic solo, while lead guitarist, Sam swung back and forth, and dancing bassist, David held his bass between his legs as he played. Drummer Josh thrashed hard on the cymbals and could not be faulted in his timing and energy. It was a captivating show with every group beaming with potential. Keep a close eye on the rise of these breakthrough acts.

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